Grote Boze Seks

Deze week verscheen Grote Boze Seks, een prachtige verhalenbundel van de Amerikaanse psychiater Arlene Heyman. Het is haar debuut, en dat terwijl Heyman 74 jaar oud is. Het origineel heet Scary Old Sex.

Vogue magazine schrijft over Scary Old Sex: “Don’t mistake Heyman for some sort of shock jockey of a fiction writer. In Her stories are beautifully crafted, deeply resonant, and uncomfortably relatable. Elaine Showalter, writing in the Guardian, called Heyman’s book “lusty, tough, and life-affirming.” Dwight Garner, in a glowing New York Times review, raved: “One of the takeaways from Scary Old Sex is that old sex isn’t so scary at all. These men and women are busily and blissfully humanizing themselves, the kind of bliss that lifts right off the page.” Lees het hele artikel in Vogue

“You sense that bliss in Heyman’s presence too. She has a jovial manner and an earthy, borscht belt sex positivity that run counter to her physical appearance: fine-boned, delicate, and pretty. “I think you write a book fighting against yourself,” she tells me when we meet to discuss the long journey to her literary debut. “For women to come into their own sexually, or to write about sex, it’s a little harder than for men. There’s more of a pressure on women to be nice. And people don’t think sex is nice.”